Hyundai TMC


About Us

Hyundai Technology Machinary Co., Ltd.



Create the Engineering Solution in Construction Equipment Business

Global competitiveness with sales of 40 billion won

Hyundai TMC Co., Ltd. will move forward with the goal of becoming the world’s best specialized heavy equipment company.

  • Customer management
  • Creative management
  • Technology management

Management Philosophy

Corporate brand value UP
  • Smart factory
  • Technologydevelopment
  • Doubling customersatisfaction
  • Contribution to sales growth by improving productivity through factory automation
  • Improvement of manufacturing process, improvement of cost competitiveness
  • Replacement of outdated equipment, expansion of robotic processes
  • Inventory management, removal of waste factors
  • Quality improvement
  • Establishment of integrated technical data management system (in progress)
  • Strengthening quality inspection of manufactured products
  • Promoting customer confidence in our products
  • Maintaining safety stock, improving machine up-time
  • Improving market quality problems and shortening lead time
  • Continuous development of next-generation core technology
  • Training professionals
  • Accumulation of technical data through PLM
  • Strengthening intellectual property rights such as patents and overseas certifications