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Quality policy

Quality policy

Hyundai TMC puts customer satisfaction first.

Hyundai TMC Co., Ltd. has set “Customer Satisfaction” as its quality policy in order to receive customers’ trust and love by providing products and services that satisfy customers’ expectations and needs. To realize this policy, all employees must establish quality goals for each department and regularly check and review whether the goals are achieved.

Environmental policy

  1. Foundation building stage
    • Awareness reform : Enhancement of environment and safety awareness
    • Factory environment : Clean and tidy workplace
    • Facility, system: introduction and application of advanced green system
    • Establishment of an autonomous environmental safety management system
  2. Establishment stage
    • Establishment of advanced environment and safety system
    • Realization of green products and services
    • Expansion to partners to the community
  3. Execution stage
    • Realization of 3 zero workplace (Pollution-free, accident-free, disease-free)
    • Export of green products and technology
    • Maintaining comparative advantage in green management

Quality and environmental certificate

  • Quality management system

  • Environmental management system